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Pressure treated lumber are generally recommended if they will have contact with the ground or water such as decking. They offer locked-in protection against enemies like moisture and termites. Pressure treated lumber is a practical, resilient and popular product used in a wide variety of building applications such as decking, fencing, gazebos, landscaping, outdoor, permanent wood foundations, sign, light poles, etc.

Pressure treating is a process that forces a chemical preservative into the wood. The wood is placed into a holding tank, and the tank is depressurized to remove all the air. The tank is then filled with the preservative under high pressure, forcing it deep into the wood. The tank is then drained and the wood is removed. It is then prepared for shipment.

Here are a few safety tips you should abide by when dealing with pressure treated wood.

  • Pressure treated wood should not be burned except by professionals.
  • Do not use pressure treated wood for cutting boards or any other surface where you will be preparing food.
  • Pressure treated wood is for outdoor use only – there are exceptions however, please consult with your building inspector before using treated lumber indoors

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