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At Pacific Pine Timber, we cater to both individual and commercial needs. We offer top quality Lumber, Hardwood, Plywood, Baseboards, Wood Panels for any purpose including roofing, decking, furniture making, interior decoration, street light poles, etc through our partnership with environmentally responsible lumber and hardwood companies in the United States.

We also carry pressure treated lumber that are generally recommended if they will have contact with the ground or water such as decking. They offer locked-in protection against enemies like moisture and termites. Pressure treated lumber is a practical, resilient and popular product used in a wide variety of building applications such as decking, fencing, gazebos, landscaping, outdoor, permanent wood foundations, sign, light poles, etc.

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Below is a guide as far as what’s typically available. We may not stock all these specifications, but would be glad to make it available upon placing an order.