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Our Goal

To be the premier dealer of America’s beautiful and durable Timber & Hardwood in Africa. In so doing, we will preserve Africa’s natural resources and create economic opportunities for both continents.

About us:

Our history with forestry dates back to 1995 when our founder secured his first job right after high school with the then Gambia-German Forestry Project as a forester. With Pacific Pine Timber, our goal is to preserve Africa’s forestry by partnering with environmentally responsible lumber companies in the United States. We mainly deal in Treated Pine Timber as a result of its reputation of being the strongest and most versatile species of wood. With this inter-continental partnership, our customers will enjoy low price and best value for their building and carpentry needs.

Our Values:

Excellent Customer Service– We listen and respond quickly. Everyone at Pacific Pine Timber takes a customer-centric approach to their regular duties and work activities. If a customer is not satisfied, we will make it right. Building relationships is everything to us.

Great Employees– We hire high energy, great attitude and service oriented personnel. In so doing, we will offer competitive compensation with great benefits and career advancement, all through performance. Our employees will also enjoy profit sharing, which is tied to customer satisfaction.

Integrity– Having and maintaining a high moral value is something we take very seriously and will guide the way we operate. We will not knowingly take advantage of our customers and employees at any point in our relationship.

Community Support– Pacific Pine Timber will strive to be a champion in the community. We will positively impact the social welfare of the community, especially in the areas of Education, Hunger, Disasters and Wellness.

Environment– We only partner with environmentally responsible companies during our procurement process. While we drive economic opportunities for both continents, this will also allow us to help preserve Africa’s natural resources, which is essential to farmers. Deforestation can significantly reduce tropical rainfall far from the area where trees have been cut down. That’s because air passing over forests picks up moisture given off by trees and plants and that fuels rain.

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